Introducing CDT cloud Blueprint

December 13, 2022 | 2 min Read

Are you looking for a web-based IDE for C/C++ development? Do you want to build a custom, domain specific C/C++ IDE or tool? Then read on. In this article we will introduce you to CDT cloud Blueprint, a template for building web-based C/C++ tools.

CDT cloud Blueprint is part of the Eclipse CDT cloud open source project. The name CDT probably sounds familiar, Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Developer Tools) has been a very popular C/C++ development environment over decades. Over the years, it has been used as a basis for a large variety of custom C/C++ tools of various vendors. As the name implies, CDT cloud aims at a similar goal, but is built on a modern web-based technology stack. The project hosts several components for building custom C/C++ tools and IDEs, which can be deployed as web-based desktop tools or as a cloud service accessed via the browser.

One of the central components in CDT cloud is CDT cloud Blueprint. It is a template tool integrating and combining a set of components to create a vanilla C/C++ IDE. You can download it, install it and use it for C/C++ development. It therefore provides a good impression of the capabilities of CDT cloud and third party components. Furthermore, as the sources and build scripts for CDT cloud Blueprint are entirely open source, you can use CDT cloud Blueprint as a starting point  to create your own custom C/C++ tool by integrating your custom toolchains, customizing the user interfaces and adding specific editors and views, such as project editors or wizards and your branding. Please refer to the documentation on how to build a custom tool based on CDT cloud Blueprint for more information.

In the upcoming weeks, we will blog about the features and typical customizations applied in CDT cloud Blueprint. To get an overview, please also take a look at this introduction talk, recently held at EclipseCon 2022:

If you are interested in building a C/C++ tool or migrating an existing one to the web/cloud, EclipseSource has many years of experience in developing custom C/C++ tools. We can assist you in the conception phase, and also the design and the development of your toolchain. Please have a look at our service offering for tools and web-based tools.

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