How to adopt Eclipse Theia

February 2, 2022 | 2 min Read

Do you want to build a custom IDE or tool based on Eclipse Theia? Are you interested in adopting Theia to migrate your existing tools to a modern, web-based technology stack? Do you have open questions and are not yet familiar with this new vibrant area of the Eclipse ecosystem? Then read on!

Eclipse Theia is an open source platform for building custom IDEs, tools and RCP-like applications. Theia is based on a modern web technology stack. In a sense, Theia is a modern alternative to the Eclipse desktop platform; many tool vendors are currently migrating desktop tools to Theia. Please refer to this article for more details on what Eclipse Theia is.

Theia is a very powerful and mature framework. However, new adopters usually face some challenges and frequently recurring questions about how to adopt the project. This includes technical questions such as how to deploy Theia-based products, how to structure them or how to test them. It also includes organizational questions, e.g. how to communicate with the community and how to contribute to the project.

We recently gave a presentation at TheiaCon on exactly these questions and provided a general introduction on how to adopt Theia. In case you missed it, here is the recording:

If you want to adopt Eclipse Theia for your own project and need help, EclipseSource provides consulting and implementation services around Eclipse Theia, but also generally for web-based tools and IDEs. Get in contact with us to discuss how we can support you best, e.g. via training, via design workshops, by joining your development team or even by developing your product based on your specific requirements.

Jonas, Maximilian & Philip

Jonas Helming, Maximilian Koegel and Philip Langer co-lead EclipseSource. They work as consultants and software engineers for building web-based and desktop-based tools. …