Tabris for Eclipse RAP 3.17 released!

October 18, 2021 | 2 min Read

Tabris for Eclipse RAP 3.17 is a minor update that includes some additions and improvements.

New and Noteworthy


Tabris for Eclipse RAP is now based on Tabris.js 3.8 and RAP 3.17 and it requires Java 11 as a runtime environment. Although there is no direct change in the RAP runtime to use Java 11, this requirement is now enforced by the Eclipse Platform.


Tabris.js 3.8 update brings significant performance improvement on Android.  The improvements were possible by updating the bundled v8 JavaScript engine to version 9.3, simplifying the communication with the JavaScript layer, reducing the layout time of the UI, and various smaller fixes.

New widgets and API


PdfView is a widget for displaying PDF documents. Since this widget uses native rendering, scrolling, and zooming, the UI is very responsive.

PdfView pdf = new PdfView( shell );
pdf.setBackground( new Color( display, 239, 239, 239 ) );
pdf.setZoomEnabled( true );
pdf.setPageElevation( 4 );
pdf.setSpacing( 16 );
pdf.setViewPadding( 24, 16, 24, 16 );
pdf.addLoadListener( new LoadListener() {
  public void loadSucceeded() {
    System.out.println( "PDF loaded successfully" );
  public void loadFailed() {
    System.out.println( "Failed to load PDF Document" );
} );
pdf.setUrl( "" );

A new API to set the Shell titlebar color has been added to ShellDecorator - com.eclipsesource.tabris.widgets.enhancement.ShellDecorator.setTitlebarColor(Color, int).

Try it, test it and we will be happy to hear your feedback!

Ivan Furnadjiev

Ivan Furnadjiev

RAP Project Lead at EclipseSource