Remote Application Platform (RAP) 3.10 is available for download

Remote Application Platform (RAP) 3.10 is available for download

Together with the Eclipse Simultaneous Release 2019-09 we released RAP 3.10. It’s available from our download page and from the update sites.

As many other Eclipse projects, we decided to raise the minimal execution environment in this release to Java 8. We already had several projects that depend on platform bundles moved to Java 8 in the passed. Using Java 8 everywhere will make our life easier and allow as to improve our code quality by utilizing some of the Java 8 features like functional interfaces and lambda expressions.

We also added a possibility to cancel file upload when ClientFileUploader client service is used. That’s especially a problem with slow network or very big uploads. ClientFileUploader service now has abort(String) method to cancel particular upload by its id. The upload id is now returned by submit method. The new API is already utilized in FileDialog when the DND is used to upload files.

Now it’s time to start working on RAP 3.11 scheduled for December 2019.

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