Tabris for Eclipse RAP 3.6 released!

Tabris for Eclipse RAP 3.6 released!

We are proud to announce the release of Tabris for Eclipse RAP 3.6. From now on, the Tabris for Eclipse RAP version number will be bound to the version of Eclipse RAP it corresponds to.  This is a major release, which includes a significant advance in the framework architecture. On the client side it now uses Tabris.js, which has the following benefits over the previous architecture:

  1. Allows part of the application to be written in JavaScript (TypeScript). This is very useful when you need some “offline” UI before connecting to the RAP server like login (fingerprint or password), enter some configuration information, etc.
  2. Online build service. You don’t need a Mac PC to build an iOS app anymore. It’s also possible to build your application locally using Tabris CLI.
  3. Based on Apache Cordova plugin model. It’s possible to extend the Tabris.js native code with plugins. There are already some plugins ready for use like Tabris.js Firebase plugin (used by CloudPush service) and Tabris.js Barcode Scanner plugin (used by Barcode Scanner widget).


New features/APIs

Some new features have been added to this release:

  1. Support for hybrid apps has been added where part of the UI is controlled by the RAP server and part is completely local, Tabris.js based. This support includes:
    1. Possibility to switch between local and Remote UI.
    2. Possibility to share data between server and client code.
  1. A new ImageView widget that facilitates the display of images including scaling and zooming.
  2. A new Barcode Scanner widget, allowing to scan various types of barcodes. Based on Tabris.js Barcode Scanner plugin.

Changed Features/API

The following features are available with some limitations and different API:

  1. Geolocation client service – only iOS support is available. Based on cordova-plugin-geolocation plugin.
  2. CloudPush client service – a new API. Based on Tabris.js Firebase plugin.
  3. Printer client service – a new API.

Features/APIs removed

The following APIs are removed, but will be added back or replaced by a different API sometime after 3.6:

  • XCallback client service
  • Support for virtual Tree/Table – large Tree/Table is handled by Tabris.js CollectionView without a need for virtuality.
  • LabelDecorator class (image zooming) – replaced by ImageView widget
  • ProgressBar INDETERMINATE style flag – replaced by ProgressBarDecorator#useSpinningIndicator(boolean)
  • WidgetDecorator.useAnimation()

The following features/APIs are removed with no current plans for a replacement:

  • TreeDecorator.useTitle(String)
  • TreeDecorator.enableAlternativeSelection(TreePart)
  • ListDecorator.useTitle(String)
  • ListDecorator.enableAlternativeSelection()
  • ScrolledCompositeDecorator class
  • ClientDialog.setSeverity(Severity) and ClientDialog.getSeverity()
  • Swipe.lock(int) and Swipe.unlock(int)

Getting started

You could immediately start your existing Tabris application by installing our Tabris for Eclipse RAP developer apps for Android/iOS/Windows  and enter the server URL in the text field. Don’t forget to update your server-side target platform [2] as described in Getting Started section of the documentation.

To create your own app follow the steps described in our “Create a launcher” section in Tabris for Eclipse RAP documentation.

Try it, test it and we will be happy to hear your feedback!