RAP 3.7 Released!

Together with the Eclipse Simultaneous Release 2018-12 we are releasing RAP 3.7 today. It’s available from our download page and from the update sites.

Highlights in this release are:

New FileDialog API for specifying upload directory

It’s now possible to specify where the uploaded files will be stored. If uploadDirectory is not set, a temporary directory will be used as before.

  • org.eclipse.swt.widgets.FileDialog.setUploadDirectory(File)
  • org.eclipse.swt.widgets.FileDialog.getUploadDirectory()

Support for upcoming Firefox 65+ release

As we already blogged about, Firefox will stop firing keypress events for non-printable keys. As a result, key navigation in many web frameworks including Eclipse RAP will be broken. RAP 3.7 already contains a fix for this upcoming Firefox change. It’s currently planned for Firefox 65 (January 29, 2019). We made this version configurable in case of delay. Use the code snippet below to enable it at runtime for specific Firefox versions.

private static void patchRAPClient() {
    JavaScriptExecutor executor = RWT.getClient().getService( JavaScriptExecutor.class );
    executor.execute( createJsCode() );
private static String createJsCode() {
    StringBuilder code = new StringBuilder();
    code.append( "(function() {" );
    code.append( " rwt.event.EventHandlerUtil.FIREFOX_NEW_KEY_EVENTS_VERSION = 66;" );
    code.append( "}() );" );
    return code.toString();

Thanks to all RAP committers and contributors who helped with this release by testing, discussing, and pointing out issues early. Looking forward to another year of RAP’s progress.