The first EclipseSourceCON

Not so long ago (November 16-18, 2017), we held the first EclipseSourceCON. Team members from eight countries landed at our Munich office. We shared our experience, discussed the technology and solutions, and prepared the innovations for tomorrow.

28K one way

The EclipseSource Team is an international bunch of technology geeks. In fact, we’re so diverse that we had to travel 28.000 kilometers to meet in one place. Quite a trip. And we’re talking one way only here.

Sharing know-how

You may know the drill of co-working from diverse locations. This is why coming together is so precious to us. It’s about getting to know each other better and exchanging the vast fields of experience that we’ve gathered.

So there we went, two days packed with 25 talks, tutorials and workshops. However, we still left time for having interesting discussions in between. They were mind-boggling, surprising and memorable.

At EclipseSource, we enrich our work with personal passions that go way beyond our daily duties. This approach helps us come up with inspiring, unusual ideas.

Taking the EclipseSource further

Many ideas and inspirations were born in Munich. The EclipseSource team discussed how to move forward with the web, mobile, and the Eclipse technology. We worked on both – practical and strategic level. From applying simplicity to the design to highly focused workshops on developing new solutions.

The EclipseSource Munich Office grounds

MTZ Munich Technology Centre, our Munich office. Not a bad place to work on developing new technologies.

The EclipseSourceCON 2017 speaker

EclipseSource has a long history. And who’s to talk about the past and future as vividly as the founder himself?
Jochen Krause in action.

The EclipseSourceCON 2017 speaker

The EclipseSourceCON 2017 speaker

The EclipseSourceCON 2017 - audience

The EclipseSourceCON 2017 speaker

Discussing the seemingly easy matters of time, design and simplicity.
Hardly ever happens that hectic design will be simple and pleasure to use.

The EclipseSourceCON 2017 speaker

Sooo… there’s that huge safe in our office and we’re trying to recall the combination that opens it. Any ideas?

The EclipseSourceCON 2017 - audience

Some presentations made us sweat (mind stretching!), some were really cool. Some of us were equipped for both.

The EclipseSourceCON 2017 - audience laughing

Did he really say the bugfree code is possible at the first take?

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