EMF Forms and EMF Client Platform 1.12.0 released!

March 24, 2017 | 2 min Read

We are happy to announce that together with Neon.3, we have released EMF Forms and EMF Client Platform 1.12.0!

We want to thank our continuously active team of 12 contributors (36 contributors over all) for woking on 25 bug reports and feature requests. As the list reveals, and due to the short development cycle between Neon.2 and Neon.3, the 1.12.0 release was mainly focussed on bug fixes. The subsequent release will introduce a number of new features again, which are already in the pipeline.

We will give a talk at Eclipse Converge 2017 also introducing the new features of the latest releases, so make sure you register soon.

Please note, that we have began work on EMF Forms / ECP 2.0.0 in parallel to the 1.x development stream. We plan a final 1.x release along with Oxygen (1.13.0). Afterwards, we plan to focus on the 2.0.0 release stream. However, users do not have to worry too much about API breaks. There are two major changes that we wish to apply with 2.0.0. First, we plan to remove API, which is already marked as deprecated. So, if you still use any deprecated API, now is a good time to start refactoring here. Second, we will refactor the way “domain model references” are stored in the model. This will mainly allow us to bind to new data models. For this change, we plan to provide a migration for existing view models, so this change should be seamless for users of the framework.

As always, we will also blog about new features of the EMF Forms / ECP 1.12.0 release in the upcoming weeks! Please follow this blog or follow us on twitter to get notified about the new posts.

In case you don’t know EMF Forms: It is a framework focused on the creation of form-based UIs. EMF Client Platform is designed to support the development of applications based on an EMF data model. If you are not yet familiar with EMF Forms, please refer to this tutorial for a introduction.

Both of these frameworks are part of Eclipse Modeling Tools Neon.3, but you can also find the new release on our download pages:

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