Smile: Deploying a mobile app has never been so easy

August 10, 2016 | 2 min Read

Mobile software development is hard. Before you can even write your first line of code you must: download, install and configure the IDEs and SDKs, configure the emulators or connect a device to your machine, build the application archives (apks / ipas) and install these archives on your device. With Tabris.js we set out to eliminate most of the technical hurdles users face when developing mobile applications.

With Tabris.js, if you can take a picture, you can deploy a mobile app.

Really, it’s that simple:

  1. Install the Tabris.js development app for your device (Android, iOS)
  2. Head to the Tabris.js playground and hack on your app
  3. Take a picture of the QR-Code with your device

That’s it! Your app is now running on your device. And if you make a change to your app, simply reload it to see the changes.

Tabris.js is a cross platform, mobile application platform. All the apps are developed in JavaScript and they run natively on your device. When you develop an app at we create a link to that app. When you scan the QR-Code with the development client, the app is downloaded to your device and executed. No cross compiling. No webviews. Native performance.

The real benefit of Tabris.js is not what we enabled, it’s what we eliminated:

  • No registration
  • No IDE installation
  • No SDKs to deal with
  • No need to write your app twice (JavaScript runs on both iOS and Android)
  • No emulators
  • No complicated deployments

And when you want to deploy your app to the stores, we have the tools to make this easy too.

Tabris.js is the easiest way to get started with mobile application development.

Bonus tip: also check out the Tabris.js Getting Started ebook, which will tell you everything you need to know to build your first app.

Ian Bull

Ian Bull

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