J2V8 Supports 16bit Characters

July 26, 2016 | 1 min Read

When J2V8 was first released, all Java characters passed between Java and V8 were converted to 8bit C-Style strings. For many applications this was just fine, but if your JavaScript contained 16 bit Unicode characters, then you were hosed.


With J2V8 4 this has been fixed. All strings are now referenced as uint16_t in C++. Using the JNI API we were able to get the 2 byte string using:

const uint16_t* unicodeString = env->GetStringChars(string, NULL);

and create the V8 String object using String::NewFromTwoByte().

Now you can execute JavaScript, or access JS properties, that contain 16 bit characters such as:

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Ian Bull

Ian Bull

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