Introducing the Tabris.js template app – 7 apps in 1

Introducing the Tabris.js template app – 7 apps in 1

It’s been a year since we launched Tabris.js 1.0 – a year of tremendous growth, experimentation, and improvement.
It is now clear in the industry that a JavaScript runtime which creates native platform UI, is a more successful approach than the traditional WebView approach used in past hybrid app development.

We’re getting emails from developers all over the world saying how much they love developing mobile apps with Tabris.js, and what a difference it has made to their productivity, and even to their career.

We thought this one year mark would be a good time to share a new app template, showcasing some of the awesome things you can do with Tabris.js. It has an RSS reader, an E-commerce template, and a WordPress integration, with various layout modes and themes.

I don’t want to go on and on, so just watch the video and you’ll see what it’s all about:

Unfortunately, the video is no longer available.

We’ll also be adding new and improved functionality to the template app so stay tuned!

Link to the template app:

Let us know in the comments what you would like us to add to the template app.

Shai Alon