Eclipse 4 (e4) Tutorials updated

Eclipse 4 (e4) Tutorials updated

It has been almost 4 years since we published the first version of the Eclipse 4 (e4) tutorial. Since then, we have published several extensions and, thanks to the feedback of the community, continuously improved the content. Now it is time for a major update.

First of all, I completely rewrote a related blog article about the question ”Migrating from Eclipse 3.x to Eclipse 4.x – Or: Which Platform to use?”.

Secondly, for those who have chosen to use Eclipse 4, I updated and extended all other parts of the tutorial:

Part 1: Introduction to Eclipse 4

Part 2: Application Model and Views

Part 3: Extending existing models

Part 4: Dependency Injection

Part 5: Behavior Annotations

Part 6: Services

Part 7: Soft migration from Eclipse 3.x

A complete overview can be found here.

For those, who want to learn even more about Eclipse 4, we provide two training sessions: A complete Eclipse Introduction (4 days) and a 2 days course for developers with previous experiences with Eclipse RCP.

Happy reading and please contact us with feedback or questions!