How RAP Inspired a New Generation of Mobile Apps

November 12, 2015 | 1 min Read

Eclipse RAP is well-known for enabling the migration of complex RCP applications to the web, and providing a sustainable single sourcing paradigm. It’s been delivering on these promises for the past decade.

4 years ago we decided to also cater mobile platforms. We came to the conclusion that only native widgets can deliver excellent usability and created a new generation of frameworks inspired by RAP. Tabris features native mobile clients driven from a RAP server, Tabris.js uses a local JavaScript environment to execute your code and renders the user interface with native widgets.

If you’re interested how we leveraged RAP technology, what we learned and how this may impact your mobile projects, take a look at the slides below. This is a talk we presented last week at EclipseCon Europe.

Thanks for watching and hopefully, see you next time at EclipseCon!