Top 10 Eclipse Mars Features

June 24, 2015 | 2 min Read

Eclipse Mars is here! Over the past 10 days I’ve been counting down the Top 10 Eclipse Mars features I’m most excited about.

10. Mac Application Layout 9. Platform Improvements 8. UI Monitoring 7. C/C++ Launching 6. e4 Tools 5. JDT Improvements 4. Docker Tools 3. Git Flow in Eclipse 2. Eclipse Automatic Error Reporting

1. The Oomph Installer

This year Eclipse offers a completely new way to download and work with the IDE. Instead of downloading each package individually, the Eclipse installer by Oomph allows you to choose the installation you wish, and it will provision it for you.

You can choose ‘bundle pool’, to share Eclipse plugins between installations. This means that if you install another package, all the common bits will be shared.

Once Eclipse is started, you can walk through the Eclipse Welcome Questionnaire to set common Eclipse preferences to your liking.

In addition to provisioning your IDE, Oomph can also setup your workspace. This means cloning projects from Git, configuring your target platform, initializing projects settings and more. Once Eclipse is launched, choose File -> Import -> Oomph -> Projects into Workspace. Several Eclipse projects are already configured and can be setup with a single click.

Oomph even offers tool to author your own setup files.

The Eclipse Installer by Oomph should make the setup, configuration and sharing of Eclipse projects much easier. If you are a user, you will benefit from easier installs. If you are a contributor, you will be able to get your workspace setup with ease; and if you are a committer, you can create profiles to help others get access to your projects.

Thank-you for following along with my Eclipse Mars Top 10 Features. For more Eclipse Tips & Tricks follow me on Twitter, and to get started with Eclipse Mars, download the installer or your favourite package, now!

Ian Bull

Ian Bull

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