RAP 3.0 Released

It’s good to be back.

rap3 After using half-year release cycles for the RAP 2.x versions, taking a full year for RAP 3.0 felt eerily long. On the other hand I think it was exactly the time we needed to create a release that we can be proud of.

html5javaWhile there was some debate the last time we increased the major version number (going from 1.x to 2.x), doing RAP 3.0 for the Mars release was a no-brainer. Not only did we again clean up API and made some drastic internal changes, we also increased the minimum requirements of RAP throughout, going from Java 5 to 7, from Internet Explorer 7 to 9, and to HTML5-capable versions for all other browsers. As a result, RAP 3 is smaller, faster and more flexible than ever before.

Another small-but-cool thing we did was migrating more RAP Incubator components to RAP core. The RAP version of the Nebula Grid is basically the RAP Table on steroids, and the FileDialog is the quickest and most comfortable way for the user to upload files in a RAP application. Both components are single-sourcing friendly.

Those two finally found a new home!

What else do we have in RAP 3.0?

As always, RAP is included in this year’s Eclipse IDE package for RCP and RAP developers and is available as a separate download on our website. We hope you stay with us in the 9th year of ongoing RAP development as we prep for RAP 3.1.

  • Thomas Hill
    Posted at 17:13, 2015-06-27

    Congratulations on RAP 3.0.
    I am running a small management consultancy and was fascinated by single sourcing a few years back and decided to look for a contractor who could implement a custom software application using RCP & RAP. Still think the platform is good, however it is impossible to find a programmer who really knows the toolset and understands all components and knows how to avoid traps and doesn’t spent endless time with trial and error. Made 4 attempts (german student who gave up after 6 months due to complexity and lack of time, a programmer from Iran who turned out to be okay in RCP, but not in RAP, a programmer from the US that worked on it the longest, but than gave up as well leaving me behind with an unfinished product and significant money wasted. BIRT integration in RAP he got to work after ages, migrating to RAP 2.x was easy, but then he never got the integration with BIRT working again, asked Actuate US for an offer – they never came back with an offer although I inquired multiple times. EclipseSource offered help for 300 US$ or was it 300EUR PER HOUR – so not affordable. My expectation and hope would always have been that BIRT and RAP integration should work out of the box – may be it does starting with Mars? For my part, I have stopped spending money to find out. To what I know it never did, or I never found someone who could get it to work (and who I could afford).

  • John Zhang
    Posted at 01:32, 2015-07-05

    We have been using Rap for five years now and our system is based on Rap. We also use Birt in our product. We are based in Beijing.

    My email is john.zhang@siteview.com, and we might be able to help you.

  • Victor Kirhenshtein
    Posted at 18:25, 2015-07-13


    we are using RCP and RAP for years very successfully in our project (NetXMS). Our company is based in Riga, Latvia – feel free to contact us at info@radensolutions.com and we might be able to help you.