Build Service, Top Tabris.js Feature #2

May 26, 2015 | 2 min Read

Tabris.js makes it easy to build native, cross-platform, mobile applications. Since its release on April 30th, I’ve been highlighting many of the features of Tabris.js 1.0. Many of these features – such as native look & feel, the JavaScript API and Cordova plugin support – enable developers to rapidly build high-quality, beautiful, mobile applications using the tools and technologies they are already accustomed too. When it comes to deploying your application to the different App Stores, Tabris.js can help you there too.

Number 2 on my list is The Build Service.

Building Apps (the APK / IPA files) for your mobile application is a source of frustration for many developers. In most cases you need to download and install platform SDKs and specific tools. In the case of iOS, you also need a Mac since the SDKs only run on Apple hardware. When developing cross-platform, mobile applications in JavaScript, this makes no sense.

To help ease the pain of creating APKs / IPAs from your Tabris.js application, we developed the Tabris.js build service.

With the build service, you can create an App by linking directly to a GitHub repository (free for public GitHub repositories).

There are several settings, including the option to toggle the Debug flag and use your own certificate for application signing.

And once the build finishes, you can download the IPA or APK file for submission to the app stores.

For more information on the Tabris.js build service, checkout the post on Gosia’s blog. And for more information, Holger discussed how to brand your Tabris.js app.

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