RCP Testing Tool – Tutorial updated

RCP Testing Tool – Tutorial updated

Almost two years ago, I have created a basic tutorial for the UI testing tool “Q7”. In 2014, Q7 has been released as an open source project and been renamed to “RCP Testing Tool” (RCPTT). RCPTT is focused on creating and running UI/System test for RCP/SWT applications. It is an alternative or addition to the open source projects SWTBot or Jubula. All of them have their specific advantages and disadvantages, RCPTT uses a very different approach than that of SWTBot or Jubula. I updated my tutorial based on the latest version of RCPTT, it describes all basic steps to get started with RCPTT. It should also give you a good impression of how RCPTT works.

Please follow this link to get to the new tutorial.

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