Nebula Grid and FileDialog are now part of RAP

March 19, 2015 | 2 min Read

If there is a theme for RAP 3.0, it is to bring the current incarnation of the framework to its fullest potential. On the one hand this meant cleaning up API and code and raising the minimum requirements to take advantage of current HTML5/CSS3 features. For example this allowed us to add clipping support, modern ScrollBars and some other theming enhancements.

On the other hand, it meant moving some of the matured components from the RAP Incubator to the core repository. We did this for the Nebula Grid back in M2. Doing so was a natural move since our version of the Nebula Grid already shares a lot of code with the RAP Table and Tree. Basically Table, Tree and Grid are all just different APIs for the same widget, with the Nebula Grid exposing the most features. (E.g. auto item height, grouped columns, fixed columns, footer, markup support, etc.)

The other widget that was (finally) integrated into RAP is the FileDialog. This component was with RAP almost since the beginning, in one form or another. This, I feel, is the ultimate version, supporting not only single and multi file upload with a clean user interface, but since recently also file drag and drop.

With these additions (and also the new API for Unit Testing) RAP 3.0 really feels like a complete, well rounded framework. While there is always room for improvement, for now I’m really happy with the state of the project.

RAP 3.0 will be released together with Eclipse Mars in June 2015.