EclipseSource at EclipseCon 2015

March 9, 2015 | 3 min Read

The EclipseSource team has landed in San Francisco and many of us are hard at work finalizing our presentations.

It looks like a busy week as we are giving 5 talks, 3 tutorials and organizing the Modeling Symposium, but don’t worry, we’ve already found a few seats in Knuckles to call home for the next few days. Here is a list of what we will be talking about:

10 platforms in 30 minutes - powered by Eclipse

The goal of this talk is to push the limits in what is possible with Eclipse frameworks. We want to inspire the audience with the possibilities offered based on these frameworks inside or integrated with the Eclipse Ecosystem.

Building Business UIs with EMF Forms

In this talk, we present EMF Forms, a framework within the EMF Client Platform wherein the user interface is declaratively expressed with a simple EMF-based model instead of code. EMF Forms consists of controls to enter data arranged in a layout. A view model is then interpreted by a rendering engine.

Git Mission to Mars

What’s new and exciting with Eclipse Git this year? Come to this talk and find out.

J2V8 A Highly Efficient JS Runtime For Java

Are you interested in JavaScript, Java or C++? What about all three together? Come and find out how we integrated Google’s V8 Engine with Java to squeeze every ounce of JS performance out of your Android device.

Model Migration with Edapt

Model migration is hard! Edapt is tackling this problem by recording the changes on the model and generating migrators for model instances.  In this presentation, we will describe the basic features of Edapt and demonstrate how it can be used for migrating your models at the example of a real-world application.

What every Eclipse developer should know about EMF

Many modeling talks assume you have used the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) before. But what if you haven’t? What is all this modeling stuff about? What is EMF anyway and who is Ed? Now that EMF is part of Eclipse 4, it is really time to get started with EMF. Come to this tutorial to learn everything (you should know) about EMF.

What every Eclipse developer should know about Eclipse 4 (e4)

This tutorial will give you a jumpstart on the new concepts of the Eclipse 4 Application Platform. If you have previous experience developing with RCP 3.x but limited or no experience with e4, this tutorial is designed for you.

Kitchen Talk with OSGi

In this tutorial you will learn about the OSGi features provided by Equinox. A small real world example will provide some loose ends to fill during the course of the tutorial. Thus you will face some real world problems and learn how to solve them with some of the most recent features of OSGi.

Modeling Symposium

The modeling symposium aims to provide a forum for community members to present a brief overview of their work on Eclipse Modeling Technologies. This session will consist of 10-minute lightning talks to facilitate a broad range of speakers.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this week.

Ian Bull

Ian Bull

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