RAP 3.0 M5: Clipping Support, KTable Port in RAP

RAP 3.0 M5: Clipping Support, KTable Port in RAP

The new RAP 3.0 milestone M5 is out and has been available for download since February 6, 2015. Together with several bug fixes, M5 introduces clipping support.

Clipping allows you to constrain changes to a selected part of the canvas. Once you select a clipping region, all future drawing operations will be limited to it.


The canvas above is filled with rectangles and clipped to a custom path. Here is a simple visualization of the effect:


For details about GC clipping support in RAP, take a look at RAP 3.0 M5 New & Noteworthy.

Clipping made it possible to introduce a KTable port in RAP. KTable is a custom SWT table widget which provides a flexible grid of cells to display data. It’s custom-drawn and does not have the restrictions of the native SWT Table control.

KTable on RAP

KTable port in RAP

M5 is available for download from the Eclipse RAP downlads page. The next milestone, M6, is planned for March 27, 2015.

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