Talks selected for Modeling Symposium @ EclipseCon North America 2015

Talks selected for Modeling Symposium @ EclipseCon North America 2015

I am happy to present the selected talks for the Modeling Symposium for EclipseCon North America 2015. It is scheduled for the second day of the conference, i.e., Tuesday, March 10th, 5pm. The symposium aims to provide a forum for community members to present a brief overview of their work. We offer four 10-minute lightning slots to facilitate a broad range of topics. The primary goal is to introduce interesting new technology and features.

The following talks have been selected:

  1. Modeling software application front-ends: introducing the open source IFML graphical editor (Hugo Brunelière)
  2. Building EMF-based Forms for the Web (Maximilian Kögel)
  3. EMap (Tom Schindl)
  4. Ecore Editor 2.0 (Jonas Helming)
  5. Version control of models with multiple SCMs based on EMF Diff/Merge in Intel® CoFluent™ Studio (Stephane Bouchet)

I am looking forward to a great event and hope to meet you there!

Jonas Helming

Jonas Helming is co-lead for the EclipseSource Munich team and the project lead of the Eclipse EMF Client Platform and the EMFStore project. He works as an Eclipse Consultant and trainer for Eclipse related topics and agile methods. He frequently publishes tutorials, e.g. about EMF and e4, and recently published a book about e4.


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