Highlights from EclipseCon

Highlights from EclipseCon

Another EclipseCon has come to an end, and again we’re coming home with enough inspiration for months to come. Here are our highlights from EclipseCon Europe 2014.

The power of Eclipse

This year we premiered our talk “10 platforms in 30 minutes”. The clients in our demonstration used different UI technologies, including SWT, Swing, HTML and JavaFX, and were run on different platforms, such as Desktop, Browser, mobile devices and a Raspberry Pi. It was a huge challenge to cover in 30 minutes technical scenarios which in real projects take several months. Thanks for all the kind words – we definitely had a blast too!


Doing the impossible with Docker

Another talk that received great feedback was “Web Applications with Eclipse RT and Docker in the Cloud”: Imagine your boss tells you to set up the cloud-infrastructure for a public trial system in three days. Impossible? We thought the same.

This was a revised version of the speech we gave at EclipseCon France earlier this year. If you didn’t manage to catch it live, you can still watch a recording:

(Or click here for just the slides)

To make our lives easier, in preparation for this speech we created a new Gradle plugin ‘dockerizor’. We hope you’ll find it useful as well!

Future inspirations

As usual, we’re coming back from the EclipseCon with a lot of inspiration from the Eclipse Community. This time we were especially impressed by the Orion and Flux talk and the new possibilities to leverage Orion as a web-based IDE. This is a project that we will definitely watch closely in the coming months.

And as already mentioned on the blog, we’re happy that we’ve had an opportunity to tell you more about RAP and its future in the context of emerging new technologies.

* * *

Here’s the list of all talks we gave this year at EclipseCon Europe:

  • 10 platforms in 30 minutes – powered by Eclipse
  • A Critical Bug! SR2 Was Long Ago… Now What?
  • Building Business UIs with EMF Forms
  • Efficiently developing web forms
  • Model Migration – there and back again
  • Modeling Symposium (60-minute extended talk)
  • RAP by EclipseSource – not just Open Source (presented by EclipseSource)
  • Web Applications with Eclipse RT and Docker in the Cloud
  • What every Eclipse developer should know about Eclipse 4 (e4)
  • What every Eclipse developer should know about EMF

Thanks to all who made the EclipseCon such a great event. We’ll share the videos from our talks as soon as they’re available. See you next time!


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