RAP 3.0 M2 - What's new in Widgets

October 15, 2014 | 2 min Read

Once again these are exciting times for RAP as we are preparing for the next major release, RAP 3.0. We continue to clean up code, work on the look and feel, and integrate matured Incubator components. The RAP 3.0 M2 milestone build is available for download since October 03, 2014. Here’s a list of the most interesting M2 changes specifically in the widget set.

Nebula Grid migrated to RAP Core

The RAP port of the Nebula Grid (including GridViewer) has been moved from the RAP Incubator to the RAP repository. It supports a subset of the API from the Grid found in the Nebula Release, now also including setAutoHeight.

Resizing a column with AutoHeight and WordWrap enabled

The Nebula Grid also works with RWT.MARKUP_ENABLED. It is included in the RAP target platform and can be used simply by importing the org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.grid package, making it single-sourcing capable. The Nebula Grid ports for RAP 2.x versions will remain in the Incubator.

  • Why the Grid instead of the NatTable? The Nebula Grid API is by its nature much better suited for the RAP architecture than the NatTable. The Grid is also closer to the SWT Table and Tree, allowing us to use the same mature JavaScript code for all three widgets.

Markup support for Button and Tree/Table ToolTips

The Button widget now supports RWT.MARKUP_ENABLED, allowing you to use an HTML subset in its text. Also, Tree and Table now fully support RWT.TOOLTIP_MARKUP_ENABLED. This was previously not the case if the tooltip text was provided by a ColumnViewer.

For the rest of the new features, take a look at the RAP project documentation: RAP 3.0 M2 New & Noteworthy.

M3 is planned for November 14, and 3.0 for December 19, 2014. Stay tuned on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and be the first to learn about the new arrivals in RAP.