Dockerizor – Creating Docker Images for Virgo the Easy Way

Dockerizor – Creating Docker Images for Virgo the Easy Way

During the preparations for our EclipseCon talk “Web Applications with Eclipse RT and Docker in the Cloud” about our first Docker project, we spent quite some time building Docker images for Virgo powered applications.
We investigated how to improve the continuous delivery of such applications using Gradle.
In the first step we used the ‘Gradle Docker plugin‘ to get started quickly.
In your build script you specify Docker related configuration like this:

apply plugin: 'docker'
docker {
    baseImage = 'ubuntu:14.04'
    maintainer = 'Florian Waibel <>'
    version = 'latest'
    useApi true
    hostUrl 'https://localhost:4243'

Wouldn’t it be cool to configure Virgo just like we did the Docker related stuff?

apply plugin: 'dockerizor'
dockerizor {
    javaVersion = '1.7'
    virgoFlavour = 'VJS'
    enableUserRegionOsgiConsole = true
    embeddedSpringVersion = '3.2.4.RELEASE'

The outcome is the Gradle Plugin ‘dockerizor‘.

We used this Plugin to build Virgo base images for Docker Hub:

In the next post I will describe how we customize and build our own Virgo powered applications (or microservices as they are called nowadays) with dockerizor.