Modeling Symposium @ EclipseCon Europe 2014

September 29, 2014 | 1 min Read

The modeling symposium at EclipseCon Europe 2014 takes place on Tuesday, October 28th from 5.30pm-6.30pm (see session details at EclipseCon Europe website).

I’m happy to present the agenda of the selected talks:

  1. Ecrit - Marco Descher

  2. UML-RT in Papyrus - Charles Rivet

  3. EMF Parsley N&N - Vincenzo Caselli

  4. MPS-IncQuery - István Ráth

  5. Interactively Developing Generators and Transformations - with Xtendency - Marco Eilers, Klaus Birken

  6. The 13 Most Important Functions of CDO - Eike Stepper

In this year’s format each presenter will have 10 minutes. I’m looking forward to this event and interesting discussions afterwards. Hope to see you there!

Jonas Helming

Jonas Helming

Jonas Helming is co-lead for the EclipseSource team and the project lead of the Eclipse EMF Client Platform and the EMFStore project. He works as an Eclipse Consultant …