It’s the small things in life…

It’s the small things in life…

… like tiny red circles with numbers on them.

RAP TabItem Badges

RAP 3.0M1 (to be published this Friday) consists mainly of internal changes, like getting rid of old API and IE8 support. However, we did have time to add this nifty little feature for the TabItem widget. Called “badges”, these small icons let the user know that there was activity in a view or window that is not currently on screen. It’s trivial to use:

tabItem.setData( RWT.BADGE, "23" );

We are thinking about also adding this feature to push buttons and tool items for 3.0. If you think you have a use case that would require badges on other widgets or in different configurations, let us know. We always appreciate feedback, which we rarely get between Cons and demo camps.