Happy 10th Birthday Yoxos

On Saturday June 28th Yoxos celebrated a pretty big anniversary, Yoxos turned 10! Yoxos is the original Eclipse ‘distribution’, born with Eclipse 3.0 in 2004. Yoxos originally brought a variety of Eclipse plugins together and shipped them on a single CD. Below is the first Yoxos print ad, which appeared in November 2004. An early ISO Image from Yoxos (based on Eclipse 3.1.2 for Windows) is available here [800Mb].


Over the past 10 years Yoxos has evolved from its simple beginnings. OnDemand allowed users to create their own pre-packaged Eclipse IDE. Workspace provisioning brought tools to facilitate sharing workspaces between teams. Yoxos 5.0 introduced a launcher / installer, allowing users to share the install footprint of several Eclipse installs. Yoxos SecureSource brought validated and curated Eclipse content into your organizations. And today with Yoxos 5.6, you can create your own custom EPP Package, download a pre-packaged archive and share the profile publicly or privately.

Over the past 10 years Yoxos has consistently co-ordinated its releases with each Eclipse release, providing a full Eclipse distribution to all Yoxos users. This year is no different. Download your own custom package based on Eclipse Luna, today!

While Yoxos provides great value to its thousands of users, many organizations wanted the value of Yoxos within their firewall. Yoxos Enterprise was introduced and today it’s used by some of the world’s largest organizations in engineering, research, space, utility and other industries – and even in the European Parliament. If Eclipse deployment is causing headaches for your organization, give Yoxos Enterprise a try.

In recognition of this anniversary, I extracted the list of committers who ever worked on Yoxos. With 10,000 committs and 23 different people, working on Yoxos really has been a great ride. Thank-you everyone and Happy Birthday Yoxos!

Chris Aniszczyk Jordi Böhme López Ian Bull
Jordan Dukadinov Leif Frenzel Ivan Furnadjiev
Jonas Helming Susan Iwai Matthias Kempka
Markus Knauer Maximilian Koegel Jochen Krause
Scott Lewis Jeff McAffer Nick Mussin
Tillmann Seidel Holger Staudacher Ralf Sternberg
Vassiliy Tchoumatchenko Darko Varju Beyhan Veliev
Elias Volanakis Manuel Woelker






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