Eclipse RAP 2.3 is here!

June 25, 2014 | 1 min Read

Yes, the rumors are true, you can finally download RAP 2.3.0 from our website, from Maven Central, or conveniently bundled with the Eclipse 4.4 IDE as “Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers”.

Highlights include file-upload by Drag & Drop, the DropDown widget (migrated from the Incubator), improved Row Templates, support for root-path ("/" URL) entry points and improved Combo-widget performance. If you upgrade directly from Kepler (RAP 2.1, skipping RAP 2.2 from December 2013) you also get modernized ToolTips, new JavaScript API, and template support for Tree and Table. Meanwhile in the Incubator, we proudly present the new “E4 on RAP” project and several updates to the RAP Nebula Grid and FileDialog. Finally, going outside OpenSource, the ARIA Accessibility-Add-On has been updated for RAP 2.3 and now lets developers set their own Aria attribute values.

The next version of RAP will be 3.0, planned for a December 2014 release. Its primary purpose will be to clean up code and deprecated API while also raising the minimum browser requirements. Specifically, RAP 3.0 will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 and below. This will allow us to focus more on modern HTML5/CSS3 based features for RAP 3.1 (Mars) and beyond.