e4 on RAP – Update for Luna M7

e4 on RAP – Update for Luna M7

Update to Luna M7

We’ve updated the codebase to the upstream Luna M7 bits – remember from the initial post – we had to fork some of the upstream bundles because they contained code we cannot support on RAP. Now the target we provide in our p2-repository matches the upstream codebase.

Bugfixes / Features

It looks like some of you have experimented with your e4 applications and getting them to run on RAP so you discovered some problems or requested missing features.

One of the requested features was to show a Login-Dialog.

In e4 RCP applications one uses @PostContextCreate and of the user cancels the login-process the currently advised way is to call System.exit() – nothing you really want to do in a server-env like RAP.

So we allow you to write code like this:

public class LoginLifcecycle {
public boolean login(Display d) {
// ...
if( ) {
return true;
return false;

If you are interested to run your application on RAP – you can find the relevant information at https://wiki.eclipse.org/RAP/E4.