Eclipse 4 (e4) Tutorial: Services

September 3, 2013 | 1 min Read

In the last two parts of my Eclipse 4 (e4) tutorial, I described details about the dependency injection. One object type that is typically injected in Eclipse 4 is services. Services play a central role in e4. One of the key strengths of a framework such as Eclipse has always been the possibility of reusing of a lot of framework functionality. That means Eclipse as a framework already implements a lot of features typically required in applications, such as managing a selection or opening a perspective.  Therefore, developers don’t have to reinvent the wheel and can focus on implementing specific and valuable parts of an application. In Eclipse 3.x, a lot of these framework features were provided in the workbench API and in the use of singletons. In Eclipse 4, these framework features have mostly be transferred into services, which provides much more flexibility. In the newest part of my tutorial, I describe the general idea of platform services as well as the most important ones in detail:

Eclipse 4 (e4) Tutorial Part 7 - Services

Jonas Helming

Jonas Helming

Jonas Helming is co-lead for the EclipseSource team and the project lead of the Eclipse EMF Client Platform and the EMFStore project. He works as an Eclipse Consultant …