Introducing RAP AutoSuggest

August 30, 2013 | 1 min Read

A while ago we started a new RAP Incubator project, the DropDown widget. This is basically a List widget that can be attached to a text field, like the pop-up of a combo box. In itself this widget isn’t terribly useful, but it provided the basis for the new AutoSuggest component, which is currently part of the same incubator project.

You may also know these kind of component as “type ahead”, “auto suggest”, “auto complete” or “field assist” in various frameworks. Basically it assists the user inserting text into a field as quickly and accurately as possible. While JFace provides a similar feature, AutoSuggest is specifically optimized for RAP and features (optional) real-time auto completion while you type. Also, thanks to virtual rendering, DropDown and AutoSuggest can handle hundreds or even thousands of suggestions without slowing the browser down with unnecessary DOM operations. (Unlike the RAP combo widget for example).

AutoSuggest works with RAP 2.1 (Kepler) or later. More information and download links can be found in the projects wiki page.