August 28, 2013 | 1 min Read

Recently we released EMFStore 1.0.0 and made it available for download and installation. Using the tutorial “Getting Started with EMFStore”, you can set up a demo client and server very fast.

Based on the  “Getting Started with EMFStore” tutorial you can already explore most of the functionality of EMFStore by using the provided User Interface. This functionality is of course also available as API, so you can integrate it into your application. To get started with the API we provide an API tutorial with examples for installation and execution in your Eclipse IDE. If you are interested please take a look at the EMFStore API Basics tutorial (Editors Note: This tutorial has since been removed. Contact us if you have any questions.) or the EMFStore webpage.

Maximilian Koegel

Maximilian Koegel

Maximilian Koegel co-leads the EclipseSource office and works as a consultant and software engineer for Eclipse technologies. He is an Eclipse expert with a focus in …