EMFStore: How it actually works

August 22, 2013 | 1 min Read

Recently we released EMFStore 1.0.0 and made it available for download and installation. Using the tutorial “Getting Started with EMFStore”, you can set up a demo client and server very fast. But how does it actually work?

EMFStore is a model repository which implements the concept of change-based versioning. Changes are first-class citizens in EMFStore. They are not calculated but stored. They are EObjects just like everything else. So you can even use them in your domain model elements. For example you could create review model elements that contain changes to be committed.

A detailed description of the concept behind EMFStore and how it works is now available in this blog post on the EMFStore webpage.

Maximilian Koegel

Maximilian Koegel

Maximilian Koegel co-leads the EclipseSource office and works as a consultant and software engineer for Eclipse technologies. He is an Eclipse expert with a focus in …