Eclipse Platform 4.4 (Luna) Milestone 1, Available

Eclipse Platform 4.4 (Luna) Milestone 1, Available

The annual Eclipse release typically indicates the beginning of summer. And if the back-to-school commercials aren’t an indication that summer is winding down, the restarting of the Eclipse milestones builds certainly is. Even with vacations and sunny weather, the Eclipse and Equinox teams have managed to put together the first milestone for the Eclipse Luna release.

There are a number of new features including better integration between the PDE and e4 based views:


Information about the Target Definition currently in use:


And a rewrite / refactoring of the Core Equinox Framework. In Luna, Equinox will provide a reference implementation of OSGi R6 Core Specification.

Checkout the entire New and Noteworthy, or Download the milestone and give it a try:

  • Cristiano
    Posted at 2:22 am, August 10, 2013

    It seems there is a problem with the update site that comes with Luna M1. when I tried to install from I got a “There are no items available”.

  • Markus Knauer
    Posted at 11:20 am, August 10, 2013

    Yep, maybe the headline should read “Eclipse Platform 4.4 M1” instead of Luna. The Luna M1 with all participating projects will be available in about two weeks from now.

    The p2 repository with the Eclipse Platform 4.4 milestone builds can be found here:

  • java courses
    Posted at 8:57 am, August 21, 2013

    Equinox is an implementation of the OSGi R4 core framework specification, a set of bundles that implement various optional OSGi services and other infrastructure for running OSGi-based systems.
    Download eclipse on

  • darkcg
    Posted at 5:19 pm, September 18, 2013

    This project should consider a serious UI redesign. I’m disappointed in seeing it won’t include some serious UI work in it. First of all, Eclipse NEEDS a professionally designed dark UI theme. I know, it’s themable with CSS, but the actual results with the external themes are not that great. Icons are extremely low in resolution and they show all their ugliness against dark colors. The only good UI improvement I have seen is the Chrome UI Theme (accessible from the marketplace). Still, it doesn’t provide a decent dark UI theme.