Yoxos — Sticking with your current release

Yoxos — Sticking with your current release

As many of you know, Eclipse Kepler is coming out on June 26th 2013. As we prepare for this release, we will be pushing some of the release candidates (and eventually the final release) to our production servers. However, for a variety of reasons you may not be ready to upgrade. Maybe the plug-ins you need are not available with Kepler yet; or maybe they don’t work for your use-case.

With Yoxos it’s easy to choose your release and stick to it.

Simply start the Yoxos Launcher and load your profile. Then choose your Update Strategy.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 2.01.39 PM

Select stick to service or stick to minor release. The choose Eclipse 4.2 — this will ensure that you stay on the Juno (Eclipse 4.2) release. Save, and then launch your profile. When you are ready to move to Eclipse 4.3, simply change your update strategy.

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