Revealing Tabris with reveal.js

Revealing Tabris with reveal.js

Creating and sharing presentations using most of the tools available today is a pain. I think this is mainly due to the fact that they mix content and design in one document and often do a poor job in keeping these concerns apart when the user is editing. When I used Keynote for the first time I was really impressed, but over time I found it had the same issues as all of the other programs.

How often have you spent hours fixing a layout bug for an otherwise finalized presentation? Indentation is my favorite. Or dealt with moving content into another slide deck with a different design and finally ended up with a complete mess?

For our Tabris Overview slide deck we tried something new, a completely web-based presentation. The slides are built with reveal.js. Reveal allows you to separate content (HTML, MarkDown) from layout (CSS) and offers a couple of nice features:
* You can navigate in 2 dimensions, which allows you to dive into specifics if necessary.
* Fancy animations.
* Some nice JavaScript allows you to zoom in (Alt-click), very handy for diagrams.
* You can get an overview of all slides (ESC).
* They even support speaker notes in another browser window (haven’t tried that).


The really nice thing about this approach is that slides can be put into git, be versioned, branched, forked and everything we like about version control. Plus, the slides can be put online on your web presence (yes, I know that slideshare exists, but then the content is hosted somewhere else).

So what do you think about the Tabris slides and reveal.js in general? How are you building your slides?