Top 10 EclipseSource Blog Posts of 2012

Top 10 EclipseSource Blog Posts of 2012

Here at EclipseSource we like top 10 blog posts. So here is our top 10 of 2012 – the posts most viewed or created the most buzz.

1. Top 10 Eclipse Juno Features

Eclipse Juno has been released this year and it was the first simultaneous release built on Eclipse 4. In preparation of the release, Ian has been counting down the Top 10 Eclipse Juno Features.

2. Eclipse 4 (e4) Tutorial

Jonas Helming wrote a tutorial series for the new core platform of the Juno release. It introduces the new concepts in the Eclipse 4 Application Platform, aka RCP 2.0. The Eclipse 4 (e4) Tutorial has 4 parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

3. Ups and Downs with Continuous Integration for iOS Apps (Jenkins, Xcode, Cobertura and Testflight)

Holger Staudacher blogged about the Ups and Downs with Continuous Integration for iOS Apps. He built a full CI system for Tabris including automated test execution, code coverage and publishing to Testflight. In his post he detailed the steps to create the system. This can be quite helpful for you when you plan to build your own iOS app.

4. Must-reads for Java Developers: From Beginner to Professional

Holger has been recommending the same books again and again to fellow developers – for different experience levels. Finally he has put together a list of must-reads for Java Developers.

5. My Top 10 Tips on how to be more productive with the Eclipse IDE

I wrote about my top 10 recommendations that will make your programming life easier and make you more productive with Eclipse in “my top 10 tips on how to be more productive with Eclipse

6. Tabris – iOS and Android apps written in Java

Jochen announced Tabris (called RAP mobile at the time), an interesting approach for writing multi-platform mobile apps: Tabris – iOS and Android apps written in Java

7. Serial Communication in Java with Raspberry Pi and RXTX

Raspberry Pi is the darling of many developers. Johannes Eickhold wrote an introduction on dealing with serial communication in Java with Raspberry Pi.

8. An OSGi JAX-RS connector Part 1: Publishing REST services

Interested in publishing OSGi services as REST services? Then Holgers blog on the OSGi JAX-RS connector is a must read for you. More interesting reads and updates are available using the REST tag.

9. Loading, caching and displaying images in Android

Efficiently displaying an image from a remote server in a mobile application can be quite challenging on Android. Moritz provides a conceptual walk through of several established patterns to load, cache and display images.

10. Mobile Select-O-Matic

Jochen blogged about finding the right mobile development technology for businesses with the Mobile Select-O-Matic.

If you have feedback or a favorite post you would like to have mentioned, feel free to leave a comment below.