RAP 2.0 RC1 published

January 18, 2013 | 1 min Read

The RAP team wishes everyone a Happy New Year and proudly presents the first release candidate for RAP 2.0.

When you look at our New and Noteworthy log for RAP 2.0 RC1, you’ll notice that we are going to live up our new name: The brand new RAP “Remote” API on Server and Client makes custom widget development much simpler than it ever was. This is also the first time we publish official JavaScript API, making JavaScript components much more future-poof.

This build also introduces simplified EntryPoints, which can safe you a nice bit of typing when starting new RWT applications or snippets:

public class HelloEntryPoint extends AbstractEntryPoint {

  protected void createContents( Composite parent ) {
    Button button = new Button( parent, SWT.PUSH );
    button.setText( "Hello World!" );

We encourage everyone to download and install RC1, and report any issues you may find to the RAP Newsgroup or Bugzilla. RAP 2.0 will be released on February 11.