Deployment habits are changing at the speed of a container ship

Deployment habits are changing at the speed of a container ship

Thank you very much for participating in the survey “How will you run your RAP application in 2013?“.
Very interesting results. Deployment habits seem to be rather conservative in the environment of RAP.


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During the last few weeks we collected around 150 replies. First I thought I was looking at the results from our
poll started two years ago. The distribution is almost the same as back then.
The lion’s share will keep running their RAP applications using war deployment.

Most of the participants will run RAP on a plain Servlet Container. Followed by those who plan to deploy on an application server and only a small number target war deployment in the cloud.
There seem to be a small group of war deployment users migrating from application server deployment towards plain Servlet Container (remember numbers are very small).

About a third of the participants are planning to run RAP in a standalone Equinox and/or with a homebrewed launch script, almost the same percentage as in 2010.

The group of people planning to use OSGi containers like Virgo, Karaf or Felix gain some weight, but are still outnumbered 1:3 by those using plain Equinox.

What is holding you back using a cool Web admin console to deploy and manage artifacts? To use the excellent diagnostics features available in Virgo?

I wonder if you could assist the Virgo project that I work on by taking a few minutes to complete the Virgo Community Survey[1] (including fun quiz)

[1] Virgo Community Survey –