OSGi JAX-RS Connector 2.2.0 released (JAX-RS 2.0 update)

January 14, 2013 | 1 min Read

There’s good news for our OSGi JAX-RS Connector. We’ve added a consumer implementation that gives you the opportunity to reuse your @Path/@Provider interfaces to consume REST services in a generic way. Over the last few weeks I’d used this consumer a lot and decided that it should go into this release of the connector. So, today I’m proud to present the OSGi JAX-RS Connector 2.2.0. It contains the following changes:

  • Updated to Jersey 2.0 m11 and correspondingly to JAX-RS 2.0. A large rework was required in order to use JAX-RS 2.0 because the Jersey implementation changed a lot under the hood.
  • Added the JAX-RS Consumer Version 1.0. It uses the JAX-RS 2.0 Client API to send requests.

Please read the README for more details. As always the changes are available as a p2 repository or can be downloaded directly from the GitHub repository (gh-pages branch). I would love to read some feedback ;).