Eclipse Kepler Milestone 4, available for download

Eclipse Kepler Milestone 4, available for download

Just in time for the Holidays, the Eclipse and Equinox teams are happy to announce that Eclipse 4.3 Milestone 4 is available for download.


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While milestone releases are often packed with fun new tools, this Christmas present Milestone really is special. The platform team has worked tirelessly on several performance improvements and other problems that the community has been reporting.   I’ve already seen comments on twitter regarding the improved performance.

Of course there is also a number of new goodies too, such as an Early access port of SWT to GTK3:

Quick assist for combining strings:

And new Quick Fixes in PDE for Package Imports:

Checkout the entire New and Noteworthy:, or get your copy of Milestone 4 and give the gift that keeps on giving:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  • Posted at 09:09, 2012-12-16

    Ian, can you tell how the PDE quick fix for importing a package handles version constrains? Does it just leave out a constraint?

  • Michael
    Posted at 23:23, 2012-12-16

    Looking forward to the performance improvements! Working with Eclipse 4.2.1 requires at least one restart every few days otherwise it gets painful slow… 🙁