Running RAP 2.0 powered Web Application Bundles (WAB) on Virgo

Running RAP 2.0 powered Web Application Bundles (WAB) on Virgo

With the latest RAP 2.0 milestone M2[1], you can run RAP based Web Application Bundles (WAB) with the unmodified RAP artifacts installed into your Virgo Jetty Server[2]. No more Eclipse buddy classloading required as noted in a previous post.

Before version 2.0 M2, the RAP framework did not try to load configuration classes from the thread’s context class loader (TCCL). Therefore, it was not possible to put the RAP libraries outside of your WAR file or use WABs with unmodified RAP artifacts.

With Bug 367033[3] solved it has become very easy to develop Web Application Bundles with RAP. We’ve prepared a short tutorial[4] and a small example at GitHUB[5].

We invite you to take a look at our new tutorial, clone the example code “com.eclipsesource.rap.examples.helloworld.webbundle” and give it a try …

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