Trick or Treat: EclipseCon Early Bird Selection

October 30, 2012 | 1 min Read

Wednesday October 31st is Halloween, an evening where children go door to door looking for a treat (candy) – at least in North America.

The EclipseCon 2013 program committee would like to offer the Eclipse Community a treat too, the chance to have your EclipseCon proposal considered with a much better chance of getting accepted, during the early bird selection process.  Last year the EclipseCon PC reviewed over 400 submissions.  While we work very hard to ensure that each proposal is properly considered; with this many submissions, it’s very easy to get lost in the crowd.  However, if you submit your proposal before October 31st, you’ll only be in competition with a handful of other proposals.

Of course, if you’re not accepted for an early bird spot, you will still be considered with all the other talks – and you’ll have a few extra weeks to perfect your proposal.  That’s like two chances of being accepted!

The early bird selections will also receive some special publicity.

Consider submitting your talk before October 31st! I look forward to seeing everyone in Boston.

Ian Bull

Ian Bull

Ian is an Eclipse committer and EclipseSource Distinguished Engineer with a passion for developer productivity.

He leads the J2V8 project and has served on several …