Modeling Symposium, EclipseCon Europe 2012

Modeling Symposium, EclipseCon Europe 2012

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go… I’m looking forward to tomorrow, the first day of EclipseCon Europe. At 5pm on the theater stage, there will be the annual Modeling Symposium. It’s always a very good place to learn about new and emerging technologies in Eclipse Modeling. Instead of long talks, each speaker will have 10 minutes to introduce their ideas, frameworks or technologies. This way, we thought the Modeling Symposium would show you more diversity than any other slot at ECE.

I think we have a very interesting agenda this year:

1. Enrich your EMF models with Scala
Speaker: Filip Kirkava

2. A Graphiti based editor for AUTOSAR models
Speaker: Andreas Graf

3. Flower Dev Center
Speaker: Cristian SPIESCU

4. Community-driven DSL development with Collaboror
Speaker: Hugo Bruneliere

5. EMF Diff/Merge: a versatile engine for consistently merging models
Speaker: Olivier Constant

We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

EclipseCon Europe 2012