Tabris goes to EclipseCon Europe

October 10, 2012 | 3 min Read

This year Tabris will be at EclipseCon Europe. Tabris is the mobile cross platform solution that connects the benefits of RAP based web applications with the native power and intuitivity of touch based mobile devices. At EclipseCon Europe you will have the chance not only to get the big picture about the connection between the trends to mobile and touch devices and Eclipse/Java technologies, but also some in-depth information about how Tabris works and how you can leverage it in your own projects. In addition to presentations by EclipseSource, there are three talks from users sharing their experiences implementing Tabris in their projects or comparing Tabris with other state-of-the-art, cross-platform solutions.

Together with my colleagues Jordi Boehme Lopez and Holger Staudacher from the Tabris development team, I invite you to join the following two events:

  1. Highly Interactive Mobile Apps with RAP - In this 25 min. talk, Holger and me will give you the short version of what Tabris is and how it can be used. If you don’t have time to join our Tabris workshop, this is the best option for getting a quick introduction.

  2. Creating Mobile Apps with Eclipse RAP and Tabris - This 90 min. workshop is intended for developers who prefer to get their hands on the code instead of listening to some guys on a stage. Indeed, I am convinced that you can get a sound understanding in a time-boxed format if you actually try to use a new technology. This workshop will demonstrate how:

    • a Tabris application is created
    • it can be deployed on a server
    • you can access it with an iOS or Android phone or tablet

    We’ve prepared five simple programming tasks. Each task covers a specific Tabris/RAP widget. Some widgets make specific use of features only available on mobile clients like localization via GPS. You will see how each of the widgets behaves when seen as part of a website and in its native presentation on a mobile device.


To get the most out of this workshop it would be helpful to have the development environment already set up.

  • iOS: To get a Tabris client on you mobile iOS device, you should visit the EclipseSource booth before the workshop. We will also deploy clients at the beginning of the workshop but would like to save some time there. For the Tabris part a plain Eclipse installation is all you need.
  • Android: Please have a plain Eclipse ready, install the ADT plugin and get the Android SDK that matches your mobile device.

Please feel free to ask questions about Tabris and the related events before EclipseCon. Just leave a comment under this post. See you in Ludwigsburg.