RAP 2.0 M2 – JSON protocol migration complete

RAP 2.0 M2 – JSON protocol migration complete

During the last weeks the RAP team has been busy lifting RAP’s client-to-server communication to the JSON protocol. That was a lot of work, and we finished it just in time for Kepler M2. With this milestone, the migration to the new protocol is eventually complete. All communication uses JSON now, and no undocumented HTTP parameters are involved anymore.

In RAP 1.5, we replaced the communication between server and client with a new, documented JSON-based format. Now, the client uses the same format to report changes to the server.

See the new and noteworthy for a complete list of changes and bug fixes in 2.0 M2. The milestone build is available on our download site and in the Kepler repository. If you’re migrating from RAP 1.x, please also check out our RAP 2.0 migration guide.

For the next milestone, we plan some new features like public API to access client information such as the timezone and to execute Javascript on the client. We’re also started to rework the event system in RWT to get rid of some nasty bugs related to events and listeners. M3 will be available on November 16.

  • Sopot Çela
    Posted at 12:09, 2012-10-05


  • hangum
    Posted at 15:27, 2012-10-05

    Good work.