My Eclipse 4 (e4) EclipseCon Schedule

My Eclipse 4 (e4) EclipseCon Schedule

Looking at all the interesting talks in the EclipseCon Schedule, many people wonder which talks to attend. This obviously depends on the topics you are interested. So imagine I would only be interested in Eclipse 4 (e4), this would be my schedule:


Obviously I would start the day with attending the Eclipse 4 Tutorial.

After the lunch break I would have some time to recover, but probably I wouldn’t want to miss the session about the potential successor of Eclipse 4, Eclipse 5

After a natural choice would be Tom’s talk about JavaFX, OSGi and e4


In the morning I would stay in the Theater and listen to Eric(Living on the Edge: Supporting Native e4 Contributions to Eclipse 4) and Lars (Extending the Eclipse 4 application model)

If I am really not interested in any other topic, the remaining session might be boring for me. Still I might want to find out if GEF4 has something to do with e4.

In the afternoon, I defintily want to know about Running Eclipse 4 Application on RAP – Status and Challenges and Riena on Eclipse 4


If I have used Eclipse 3.x before, I would like to learn how to Migrate Plug-ins from Eclipse 3.x to 4.2

As I learned yesterday, JavaFX has some connections to e4, so I would like to asnwer the question: JavaFX 2.1 Renderer for the Eclipse 4 Application Platform: A Perfect Marriage?

Finally, as I would be quite familiar with e4 right now, I would finally learn how To harvest the power of Eclipse 4 Context Functions.

Of course in between attending all these talks I would try to talk to many people to leanr more about e4, for example during the Open Innovation Reception or in the Club ECE

EclipseCon Europe 2012