Eclipse Kepler Milestone 2, available for download

Eclipse Kepler Milestone 2, available for download

As the sun sets on another summer here in the northern hemisphere, it’s time once again to look to the future.  Over the summer, the Eclipse and Equinox teams have been busy gearing up for Kepler and have just made Eclipse Kepler Milestone 2 available for download.


There are a number of notable features including the ability to host full Eclipse view stacks in their own window (including multiple views, sashes and complex layouts).

and improvements to the import project wizard:

The platform UI team has also been busy fixing a number of bugs and working towards a much needed Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) for Eclipse.

Checkout the entire New and Noteworthy or download the milestone and check it out!

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  • Lars Vogel
    Posted at 00:02, 2012-09-24

    Don’t forget the wildcard support for feature selection, which I contributed. 😉

  • Posted at 10:26, 2012-10-04

    The view support you mentioned is also available in the current 4.2.1 release. Use it all the time. 🙂