restfuse 1.1.1 released

September 10, 2012 | 1 min Read

Editor’s note: This project is no longer maintained and has been archived. However, you can still access the sources on GitHub.

It has been almost a year since the last restfuse news. In the meantime restfuse was adopted by a lot of individuals and companies. Since the last release the development continued on github and made it now worthwhile to publish an update. Last week we released restfuse 1.1.1. Some noteworthy things are:

  • Updated the underlying Jersey version to 1.13
  • Dynamic request manipulation (currently only the headers, but open for extension). Thanks to drejc for the contributions.
  • Added missing HTTP status codes.
  • Extension of the asynchronous services testing facilities. Restfuse now also supports poll in addition to webhooks.

The new version has already been published to Maven central. Use this code to embed it:


Version 1.1.1 can also be downloaded as binaries from the brand new restfuse website or consumed via p2 (yes, it’s an OSGi bundle). Any feedback is very welcome ;)

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