Tabris 0.6.1 – New and Noteworthy

July 13, 2012 | 3 min Read

It’s time for a comprehensive update after the well received Tabris 0.6 release. This time we not only provide the usual set of bugfixes and performance improvements after a .0 release, we’ve also added support for the SWT List and ProgressBar widgets.

All the features described below apply to both the iOS and Android clients if not otherwise noted. We hope you enjoy the new features and look forward to hearing your feedback soon. You can download the Tabris SDK from our website.

New and Noteworthy

Support for the SWT List widget

We’ve supported SWT’s Tree widget since release 0.5.3, and have now added support for the org.eclipse.swt.widgets.List widget. We support the full range of list related methods such as adding and removing entries, setting and getting the selection and scrolling to a position. You can also attach listeners for receiving notifications of selection events.

In addition, we’ve added support for the MenuDetectListener, which is triggered when the user long-presses a list item.

Support for the SWT ProgressBar widget

[ Often you have longer running operations that need to provide user feedback on progress. In such a scenario you can now use the org.eclipse.swt.widgets.ProgressBar widget in Tabris. The ProgressBar implementation supports the regular ProgressBar methods to set the min/max and the current position as well as the INDETERMINATE mode (currently Android only) that shows simply ongoing progress.

Support for the SWT.SEPARATOR style in Labels

You can use the SWT.SEPARATOR style for swt Labels to quickly create SWT.HORIZONTAL or SWT.VERTICAL dividers in your layouts (currently Android only).

Text widget supports setFocus()

The support for SWT Text widgets has been improved considerably. Among other things, you can set the focus on a Text widget and properly set the text selection.

Text widget supports setTextLimit(int)

You can limit the number of characters the user can input into a Text field via the setTextLimit(int) method.

Android specific

  • When we renamed RAPMobile to Tabris we did not rename the Android themes we ship with Tabris. We have remedied that situation in this release. Therefore the theme Theme.Holo.RAP has been renamed Theme.Holo.Tabris and the theme Theme.Holo.Light.RAP has been renamed Theme.Holo.Light.Tabris. Make sure you adjust your references in your Android manifests.
  • Previously we had glitches when running Tabris on low dpi devices like the HTC Wildfire or the Sony Experia Mini. We have now added full support for low density devices as well.
  • General focus support has been improved so that a touch on any widget can fire focus events when a listener is registered.
  • We have fixed several device specific issues.
  • And, finally we’ve improved error handling for more user friendliness.